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The Gilmore Car Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and we rely solely on the generosity of donors and lenders who gift us vehicles, contextual artifacts, library and archive items, or provide funds toward our operations, education, and collection maintenance. To date, the Gilmore collection consists of over 250 vehicles, 7,500 transportation relation artifacts, and over 100,000 library and archival items. Collection items are rotated through exhibits in order to help us tell the story of transportation in America.

Interested in Donating or Loaning Your Vehicle to the Museum?

To maintain the integrity of our collections, the Gilmore Car Museum has a Collections Review Committee consisting of dedicated people who carefully evaluate each offered item. They meet once each month to review all offers and will consider an object’s overall condition, rarity, originality, authenticity, history, and provenance.

If you wish to loan us your vehicle or motorcycle for display in the Gilmore Car Museum, standard loan agreements are for a minimum of one year. Click here to view our loan terms and conditions.

If you are interested in donating your vehicle, motorcycle, or transportation related artifact to the Gilmore Car Museum, please click here to view our donation terms and conditions. If your donation is accepted by the Collections Review Committee, your gift will be considered a tax-deductible donation. Due to IRS requirements and non-profit regulations, the Gilmore Car Museum is unable to provide a Museum Membership in exchange for your donation to our collection.

Items will be accepted for the Museum’s Collection if they fall within the scope of the Museum’s Mission and can be managed with available resources. If items fall outside of these parameters, donors may still support the collection and receive recognition by making an unrestricted gift for resale purposes. Proceeds from these sales will go directly to supporting the collection by providing funds to further our preservation efforts.

For information about our policies, procedures, collections review committee, or tax deductible donations, please view our General Information – Collections Policies & Procedures document.

To submit an item for review, please complete and return one of the following applications:

Collection Application – Vehicles

Collection Application – Motorcycles

Collection Application – Artifacts

Questions? Please contact:
Brittany Williams, Collections Manager
bwilliams@gilmorecarmuseum.org / 296-671-5089, ext. 17

Emily Reed, Collections Registrar
ereed@gilmorecarmuseum.org / 269-671-5089, ext. 28