Gilmore To Add Muscle Car Museum

The Gilmore Car Museum has announced that they will be adding some muscle to their 90-acre campus. Slated to open in 2021, check out the more detailed information below.

Driving an Impact

For more than 50 years, the Gilmore Car Museum has shared with visitors the history of America through the story of the automobile. Our 90-acre campus is home to over 400 vehicles, beautifully displayed throughout historic buildings and re-created vintage settings. Auto enthusiasts, history buffs, students, and families alike have been enthralled by the stories told through our exhibits.

Our Missing Gear

At Gilmore, we’ve always worked to portray American history through the story of the automobile – but there is an important chapter missing. The reality is that the advent of the muscle car marks a time in our history that should be honored and passed on in a way that exemplifies the spirit of the culture – but we have yet to fully celebrate the grit, heat, and power of the 1960s and early 1970s muscle car era.

The Road There

In its next phase of development, the Gilmore Car Museum will celebrate the muscle car with a totally new building on Gilmore’s Dealership Row – and we’ll need your support to make it happen!

What Will It Look Like?

In a word? AWESOME!

The Gilmore Muscle Car Museum will be a near-exact recreation of a muscle car era American car dealership – and when we say “recreation,” boy, do we mean it.

From architecture and facade of the building, to overall style of the space, to its authentic vintage cars, the Gilmore Muscle Car Museum will provide a completely immersive plunge back into the amazing era that brought us muscle cars. We promise wood paneling, ashtrays, and shag carpets galore.

If you lived through the muscle car era you will be blown away by the rich nostalgia packed into every square foot of the Gilmore Muscle Car Museum, while younger visitors will leave with a new-found respect for the power that once ruled the road.

True to the one-of-a-kind era it’s been created to honor, the Gilmore Muscle Car Museum will serve to tell the powerful story of America’s muscle car – and how it changed American history forever.

 Project at a Glance
  • 25,000 total square feet of interactive exhibit space
  • 3,000 square feet of ever-changing exhibit space
  • Replica dealership showroom
  • Vintage speed shop
  • New restroom facilities