Engraved Outdoor Memorials

Make your Mark on History with an Engraved Brick or a Plaque to Commemorate Special People or Life Events

This is a great way to honor someone’s birthday, wedding, or life.  Place a message on a paver brick by the Shell Gas Station or George and Sally’s Blue Moon Diner.  Order an engraved plaque to be placed on a picnic table or bench on the beautiful museum grounds.  Plant a tree or sponsor a garden with special signage including your message.

Click below for order forms*

Gas Station and Diner Bricks

Benches – Tables – Trees – Garden Order Form  – Only a few tables remain – call for availability!

Order forms can be mailed to:  Gilmore Car Museum, 6865 W. Hickory Road, Hickory Corners, MI  49060

*Memorial bricks are limited to available space at the location specified.  Memorial tables are almost sold out, call for availability.  Please consider a much needed tree or bench instead.

Memorial brick orders are placed in bulk semi-annually.