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THE ENGLISH RAIN Live, Drive-In Concert, Community Comeback!

Saturday, July 11, 2020
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm Community Comeback Concert feat. The English Rain (Expired)
Gilmore Car Museum
6865 Hickory Road
Hickory Corners, MI 49060
Cost: $28.00 per carload
Contact & More Info
Contact: Gilmore Car Museum
Email: info@gilmorecarmuseum.org
Phone: (269) 671-5089

This event is officially SOLD OUT!

Breakout the lawn chairs, sit back and relax or stay in your car and tune to FM. Either way it's sure to be a good time!

The Beatles' Ed Sullivan appearance launched a million music careers, these guys are living proof. THE ENGLISH RAIN - all play professionally in Nashville with some very impressive pedigrees. Between record production, international performance tours, multiple Grammy wins, and platinum album sales, the members of THE ENGLISH RAIN are true renaissance men who love "returning to the well" of Beatles music. Spend an evening at the Gilmore Car Museum's Community Comeback Concert and enjoy a night of BEATLES' hits as THE ENGLISH RAIN reproduces the soundtrack of your life.

Proceeds benefit the free community programming provided by GCM including cruise nights, K-12 educational tours/field trips, Gilmore Garage Works HS Program, and so much more!


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$28.00 per Carload - YES, per Carload!

Frequently Asked Questions:
1) Do I have to wear a facemask?
Facemasks are required inside buildings, but recommended outside.
2) Can I buy tickets at the door?
Due to limited capacity, tickets are pre-sale only.
3) What is the rain/inclement weather plan?
The show will go on rain or shine with one caveat. The band can play in a light rain as the stage is semi-covered and patrons can get the concert inside their vehicles via FM radio. However, if the rain turns to lightning/thunder then the band cannot perform due to safety reasons.
4) Can I bring my dog?
No, please leave your pets at home.
5) Can I leave my engine running during the show?
No, please do not leave your engine running during the show to provide for the enjoyment of others. Jumps are available on-site should you need one.
6) Do you accept credit cards for food, beverage, and merchandise?
Yes, we accept Visa, Discover, and Mastercard.
7) Is smoking on the grounds allowed?
Smoking is prohibited inside any buildings. The designated smoking area is outside at least 25 feet away from buildings.
8) Are there restrooms on site?
Yes, restrooms are available. We ask that you practice social distancing when waiting in line for restrooms.
9) Will food be available? Can you bring your own food?
Yes, food will be available. George & Sally's Blue Moon Diner as well as The Grillmore will both be open.
Bringing your own food is discouraged. Gilmore Car Museum relies on sales from food and beverage to stay in operation.
10) Will alcohol be available?
Yes, a full bar offering premium or well drinks as well as beer, wine, and soda. Please, no outside alcohol.
11) Will the performance be projected on a screen?
No, the performance is live. The band will be on a stage and cars will be parked in a staggered fashion to account for sight lines.
12) How do you hear the concert?
If you are uncomfortable sitting outside of your vehicle, audio for the concert can be heard through your car FM radio.
13) When is it best to arrive?
Gates open at 4:30pm. Parking is first come, first serve so it is better to arrive earlier rather than later.
14) What if I want to sit outside of my vehicle?
Lawn chairs are allowed directly in front of your vehicle, but not on either side next to it. You will be asked to move if the space is needed.
15) Are children allowed at this event?
Absolutely! This is a family friendly event. However, we do ask that you keep an eye on your children. Children under the age of 16 must be under parental supervision at all times.
16) May I leave and come back?
No, re-entry is not allowed.
17) Can I sit in the bed of my pickup, mini-van, or station wagon?
Sitting in the back of your pickup, mini-van, or station wagon is allowed as long as you don't block the view of other patrons. Please keep hatches on mini-vans or station wagons at roof level when open by using a rope or bungee cord.
18) I have a lift kit on my vehicle.
Large vehicles and trucks with lift kits will be parked in back rows to allow better viewing for others.
19) Can I bring a bus or motorhome?
Please, no buses, limos, or motorhomes.
20) Does my museum membership gain me admittance to the concert?
No, your membership is valid only for entrance to the museum during regular hours and car shows.
21) Do I have to own a classic car to attend the concert?
No, you may attend in any vehicle, new or old.
By purchasing a ticket you agree to adhere to the aforementioned policies.