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1941 George & Sally’s Blue Moon Diner

1941 George & Sally’s Blue Moon Diner. This restored, historic roadside diner serves thousands of guests each year. Sit in a booth or at the counter. Have a piece of pie or enjoy some ice cream under the shade of a nearby tree.
(Open seasonally. Please join us at the Heritage Café Dec-March.)

Vintage Dealerships

Vintage Dealerships. From a beautiful recreation of a 1918 dealership for the Franklin, America’s most successful air-cooled automobile, to precisely detailed vintage Ford and Cadillac dealerships, we’ll take you back in time—all the way to the service bays of a bygone era.

1930s Shell Gas station

1930s Shell Gas station. An authentic re-creation of a Shell Service Station, complete with a vast display of memorabilia from the days when gas was only 18 cents a gallon.
(Open seasonally)

American Legends: Hot Rods & Customs

American Legends: Hot Rods & Customs. This limited-time, special exhibition, showcases some of the best known 1940s, '50s and '60s Hot Rods and Customs of their time, including the famous ‘Lil Deuce Coupe that appeared on the cover of the Beach Boys 1963 album and the 1941 Tail Dragger, which inspired one of Mattel’s ‘First Edition’ Hot Wheels toys.


Mascots. From iconic trademarks to custom-designs for drivers in a bygone era, you’ll find them here, in one of North America’s largest collections.
(Open seasonally)

Steam Barn

Steam Barn. Featuring some of the earliest cars in the collection, the Steam Barn takes visitors back in time to the turn of the 20th century, to days when the “horseless carriage” was merely thought to be a passing fad.

Disney Magic and More

Disney Magic and More. From a movie set and car from the 1967 Disney film “The Gnome-Mobile” to vintage toys and pedal cars, there𔄩s something here for every kid (no matter your age).
(Open seasonally)

The Other Motor City

The Other Motor City. An extensive exhibit featuring the iconic Checker Cab and many of the people and vehicles that made nearby Kalamazoo, once home to 17 independent manufacturers, a hub in the auto industry.


Motorcycles. The Museum’s Motorcycle Exhibit Gallery features rare examples of bikes from the past, such as an 1898 Leon-Bollee to iconic brands including Vincent, Indian, and Harley-Davidson and more.
(Open seasonally)

Classic Artwork

Classic Artwork. Dazzling artwork is on display throughout the Museum, including beautiful watercolor renditions by Roland L. Stickney, one of the best illustrators in the industry, adorn the walls of the Main Gallery, as a 1983 Limited Edition Stanley Wanlass bronze sculpture, “Passing of the Horse,” greets visitors as they enter the Automotive Heritage Center.

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