Make A Donation That Will Have An Impact On The Future Of History.

Classic Car Club

The Gilmore Car Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Therefore we can not purchase vehicles or artifacts for our collection or to display. We rely solely on the generosity of donors who give us vehicles, library/archive items, or provide funds toward a project or a purchase. Become a donor, and you may be able to claim the “fair market value” of your non-cash donation to the museum as a tax deduction. Please consult your tax adviser.

Yes, we have a committee. But it’s a very nice committee.
To maintain the integrity of our collections, Gilmore Car Museum has a collections/exhibit review committee. That committee consists of dedicated people who carefully review each proposed donated item, following these criteria:

  • How does the item fit the museum’s mission?
  • What is the current or future exhibit potential?
  • Does the donated item have any unique or rare features?
  • What story does it tell?

Collection Donations

We would love to have you donate or loan us your vehicle. (Just remember a few rules of the road.)

The Gilmore car Museum is always seeking to expand our exceptional collection of vehicles. If you wish to loan us a car, the typical vehicle loan agreements are for two years. During that time, we would encourage you to keep full insurance coverage for the value of the vehicle.

If you’d like to donate a vehicle, we ask that you follow these guidelines: please provide photos showing the general condition of the artifact or vehicle (inside and out), its basic history and its current location, and tell us whether or not you intend to deliver the car or if we would have to arrange to have it picked up.

Before you give. Don’t hesitate to call.
All donations are subject to approval by our collections/exhibit review committee. You may be able to claim the “fair market value” of a non-cash donation as a tax deduction. Please consult your tax adviser. To find out more about donating or loaning an item, please email the Museum’s Collections Registrar, Jay Follis, or call 269-671-5089 Ext. 13.

Learn more about Fair Market Value.