Whatever Your Event, Your Perfect Space Is Here

Event.Meeting - Automotive Heritage CenterAutomotive Heritage Center

Our Automotive Heritage Center is just the place to make your next gathering something special. Modeled after the architecture of historic factories, this space blends nostalgia with modern amenities. Included in this rental is access to an attached patio and our fantastic Heritage Gallery, which will give your guests plenty to view while they enjoy your event. Be the first of your friends to utilize our new signature space!


Multi-Media TheatreMultimedia Theatre

Our state-of-the-art theatre is an ideal space to host a speaker or hold a presentation. With the most up-to-date audio and visual technology, your guests will surely be engaged. This space can be rented by itself or added to an existing rental to give your event that “something extra.”

Event.Meeting - Campus

Park-like Grounds

Our beautifully manicured lawns offer a wonderful place for your next big fete. Tents of any size will give your event an air of intimacy. Whether right in the heart of the Museum grounds or off in a secluded corner, your event can be catered to your taste.


Event.Meeting - Diner

Blue Moon Diner (Corporate Events Only)

Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday after 5:00pm and and weekends after 6:00pm (dependent upon a car shows/availability)


Event.Meeting - Board Room


Automotive Heritage Center Board Room

Includes projector screen and conference call-in option.



For more information or to book your event, please contact:

Betsy Gesmundo, Director of Special Events
269-671-5089 Ext. 12